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on Aug 24th, 2009Wizard Hat

Materials Needed

Blue poster board, scissors, glue, stapler, yellow construction paper, star template or cookie cutter to trace, sliver glitter, two small paper plates


Bring the top left corner of the poster board over about two-thirds of the way down the right edge, so that the top edge is flush with the right edge. Don’t press the paper down, as you don’t want a sharp crease.

Turn the paper over while keeping the top and right edges pressed together. Bring those edges (now on the left side) up to touch the right fold that makes the long edge of the triangle. Again, don’t crease the paper. Straighten the paper into a cylinder so that the doubled edges and the fold are aligned all the way up to the point.

About a two-third of the way down, the shortest corner touches the fold. This marks the spot to start cutting. Cut from that right corner straight across to the left side, cutting through all four layers at the same time. Note: Cut straight (or slightly rounded) across. Don’t follow the top edge as it slants down toward the left.

Open up the paper to reveal a perfect cone shape. Smooth down the paper.

Using a string or measuring tape, measure around your head where you want the hat to sit. Measure that same length on the bottom curve of the triangle, starting at the bottom left corner. Mark that spot with a pencil.

Bring the left bottom point across to overlap the right bottom point up to the mark you just made. Make sure the edges are flush all the way up to the point.

Glue the edges in place, and add a couple of staples for stability.

Cut out stars and half-moon shapes out of the yellow construction paper. You can also use pre-made foam shapes. Affix these shapes (sparingly) to the hat.

Pour the silver glitter in a mound in the middle of a paper plate. Drip a large glob of glue in the middle of the other paper plate.

Hold the cone at the point, and gently roll and drag the bottom edge of the hat through the glue until it is all the way around the outside of the hatband.

Drag and roll the gluey edge through the sequence.

While that’s drying, find yourself a cape and some mouse ears.

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