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on Aug 24th, 2009Witch Hat

Materials Needed

One black poster board, scissors, stapler, glue, clear tape, ruler or measuring tape


Cut a circle that’s 24” in diameter (wide). Centered inside that circle, cut another circle that’s 12” in diameter.  Remove the center circle, and save it for another craft.  What’s left is the hat brim.

Sketch and then cut out paper in the shape of a large cone.  It should have a base of 36” and a height of around 18″.

Roll the cone into a three-dimensional shape by matching side long edges.  Glue them in place, and add a couple of staples for stability.

Stand the cone inside the brim, and tape it in place.  Turn the hat over, and tape the underside too, folding any extra paper on the cone underneath the hat to improve stability.

Now go turn your boss into a frog – if it’s not too late.

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