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on Aug 24th, 2009Viking Hat

Materials Needed

Milk jug, two pieces of heavy paper, glue gun (rubber cement or liquid nail,) elastic (string or shoelaces), silver or gold spray paint


Cut the milk jug in half at a slight angle.  Place the bottom half on a newspaper outside, and spray-paint it silver or gold.

Choose heavy paper in team colors, black, brown or grey.  Make two cones to look like horns.  Place a large piece of construction paper vertically in front of you.  Round off the first half inch of the top left corner.  Cut off the bottom right corner by rounding the paper from the bottom left corner to the top right, forming a cone.

Match the left and right long edges.  About a third of the way down the doubled edges, cut a small V into the papers.  Unfold the paper.  Pull the top points of V together and staple them.  Repeat on the other side with the other V.  Your paper will be puckered.  When together, these puckers will form the crook of the horn.

Again, match both long edges, making sure the puckers touch and fold into each other.  Staple or glue the paper so that it stays in the bent cone shape.

Glue the horns pointing up to the side towards the top of the milk jug helmet.  Poke holes on the bottom sides for the elastic or string to go through.

Tie the string ends through each hole.  When the helmet is fully dry, get ready to pillage and plunder!

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