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on Aug 24th, 2009Robin Hood Hat

Materials Needed

Two pieces of 8 ½ x 11 inch green felt, a sewing machine or glue gun, glue, black double folding binding tape, feather, pinking sheers


With both pieces of felt together, sew a seam that rounds off one of the corners and runs from one corner of the felt to the corner diagonal from it.  Cut excess material with pinking sheers, and invert the material.

Fold up the bottom inch or two, according to the size of the noggin it’s going on, to form the brim.  If needed, put a few dabs of glue around the inside of the fold to keep it in place.

Add a little “Men-in-Tights” attitude by putting a pinch in the top rear of the hat.  Pinch the hat from underneath, and put a dab of hot glue on the top between your thumb and forefinger.  Squeeze the glue until it cools.

To make the band, measure the binding tape around the hat, cut and glue; match seams at the back of the hat. Choose an awesome feather to flaunt.  Insert the plumage into the hat band, slanted toward the back.  Drip a little glue down the shaft of the feather where it’s buried in the hat band.You’ve got time to get your tights on while the glue dries.

Below is a video guide, with another way to make a Robin Hood hat:

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