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on Aug 24th, 2009Pilgram Hat

Materials Needed

One black poster board, one small piece of grey or silver card stock, scissors, stapler, glue, clear tape, ruler or measuring tape


Cut a circle that’s about 16” in diameter (wide).  Tip: For a more realistic look, make it an oval.

Centered inside the oval, cut a circle that’s 10” in diameter.  Remove the middle circle, and set it aside.  It will be the top of the hat.  What’s left is the hat brim.

Cut out a rectangle that is 31” long and 10” high.

Roll the rectangle to match side edges, and allow them to overlap by ½ inch.  Glue them in place, and add a couple of staples for stability.

Stand the cylinder inside the brim, and tape it in place.  Turn the hat over, and tape the underside too.

Tape the top “lid” in place.

Add a buckle by cutting out a 4” square of silver card stock.  Remove the center 1 ½ inch square.  Affix the buckle to the front of the hat.

Now, be thankful for your good looking hat, and go find yourself a friend that’s not a turkey.

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