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on Aug 24th, 2009Peter Pan Hat

Materials Needed

One piece of green paper, stapler, red feather


Fold the paper in half horizontally.

Hold the top folded edge corners, and bring them together at the center.  The vertical folds will touch about an inch above the bottom edges.  This is the back of the hat.

While pressing down the folded-down corners with your hands, use your thumbs to fold up the top base flap.  Smooth the crease.  Flip the hat over, and fold up that bottom flap as well.  Fold over each of the small four corners by tucking one corner under the other and stapling, gluing or sewing the folds in place.

Open up and round out the inside of the hat.  Staple the long red feather to the middle of on side of the hat, and smooth it to lay up and towards to the back.

Wear the hat snug on the back of the head with the points pointing front and back.  Hook will never know the difference between you and the real Pan.

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