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on Aug 24th, 2009Party Hat

Materials Needed

One 8 ½ x 11 inch card stock or heavy paper, scissors, decorations or themed wrapping paper, glue or glue gun, thin elastic, hole punch, stapler


Hold the paper vertically with your thumbs on the bottom corners. Keep the bottom left corner where it is while you bring the right corner up to match the left edge. Both the bottom and left edges should be straight and flush all the way down to form the point of the triangle at the bottom left corner.

At the top of the paper, there will be about two inches of extra paper that extends behind the triangle at the top. Cut this strip off.

From the right tip of the triangle, measure down a finger’s length, and put a small crease there to mark the spot. Starting at the small crease, and still holding the folded triangle securely in your left hand, cut a rounded line across to the top left corner to form an ice cream cone shape.

Rotate the cone so that the small point is at the right side (or the left, if you’re a southpaw.) Measure one knuckle down from the tip of the point. Start there to round off the tip of the cone with the scissors.

If you want to overlay the hats with themed wrapping paper, unfold the triangle, and use it as a template over the decorative paper. Put glue around the edges of the template, and place it on the back side of the decorative paper. Press the template in place, then pick it up to trim off any excess paper.

With the cardstock unfolded, hold the base of the triangle with a corner in each hand. Curve the bottom left corner as you bring it around toward the right bottom corner. Put the right corner on top of the left, allowing about an inch of overlap at the bottom of the cone. Make sure the left seam is tucked under the right all the way up to the hat’s point. Glue the left edge under the right. A staple at the bottom of the seam will better secure the hat and allow the glue to dry.

Punch a hole on opposite sides of the hat, about half an inch up from the base. Stretch a measure of elastic around your face. It should fit snuggly but not restrictively. Cut the elastic and tie it through each one of the holes to form the chin strap.

Decorate with fringe or sequence. Get the party started! (For best results, wear one hat on the side of your head and one on your chin.)

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