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on Aug 24th, 2009Sailor Hat

Materials Needed

Newspaper or two large pieces of construction paper, tape


Lay the newspaper or taped two-length of construction paper out in front of you.  Fold them in half, bringing the top down to match the bottom.

Just like with paper airplanes, fold the top left and top right corners down to the center.  They should touch vertically with a couple inches of excess sticking out underneath the folds.

Fold up the bottom edge and press the crease flat.  Flip over the hat and repeat by folding that edge up as well.

Bring the right and left bottom points to touch.  Turn the hat so that these corners point toward you.  Set the hat on the table and press it flat into a diamond.  By the bottom point, lift the top layer, bend it up to touch the top point and secure it with tape.  Turn the diamond over and repeat with the other side by bringing the bottom point up to the top and taping it there.

Open up the hat and wear it running vertically or horizontally, depending on what kind of sailor you want to be.

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