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on Aug 24th, 2009Nurse Hat

Materials Needed

One page of white card stock and one (scrap) 2”x8½” strip, red marker, stapler


Fold the paper in half horizontally. Fold the fold down a third of the way.  Smooth the creases.

Hold the top folded edge with your thumbs on each side.  Bend your hands together to dent the paper where your thumbs are.  At each dent, make a crease on each side.  Fold down each dented corner (the top right and left points) toward the center.  Press the folds down flat.  There will be a 2” gap in the center between vertical folds.  This is the back of the hat.

While pressing down the folded-down corners with your hands, use your thumbs to fold up the top base flap.  Smooth the crease.  Flip the hat over, and fold up that bottom flap as well.

Open up and round out the inside of the hat.  Staple the two-inch strip to the base on the front side of the hat.

Draw a red line across the top edge of the strip, and a large red cross in the center.

A couple of bobby pins should keep it in place while you tend to your patients.

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