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on Aug 24th, 2009Elf Hat

Materials Needed

Red felt and green felt, scissors, bells, pinking sheers, sewing machine or needle, red thread, pins


Lay the single-layer green fabric out flat in front of you.

Bring the top left corner of fabric over to the right edge, so that the top edge is flush with the right edge.  Pin them in place.

Turn the fabric over.  Bring the same edges (now on the left side) up to touch the right fold that makes the long edge of the triangle.  Straighten the paper into a cylinder so that the doubled edges and the fold are aligned all the way up to the point.

About a two-third of the way down, the shortest corner touches the fold.  This marks the spot to start cutting.  Cut from that right corner straight across to the left side, cutting through all four layers at the same time.  Note:  Cut straight (or slightly rounded) across.  Don’t follow the top edge as it slants down toward the left.

Open up the fabric to reveal a perfect cone shape.

Using a string or measuring tape, measure around your head where you want the hat to sit.  Measure that same length on the bottom curve of the triangle, starting at the bottom left corner.  Mark that spot with a pencil.

Again, lay the material flat in front of you.  Fold over the fabric from left to right, with the top edge about half an inch beyond and parallel to the mark you just made, with the top of the hat pointing away from you.  You are going to make the rough right edges look like an upside-down J.

Start at the bottom right corner, and sketch a crook, like a candy cane, on the right edge, rounding off the top point.  Cut out the spiral line from the new point down to the original bottom right corner.

Cut out one 26” doubled layer of red fabric.

Cut deep V’s into the bottom edge through both layers.  Sew the layers together up and down the V’s.  Turn the V’s right side out.  This is the zig-zag hat band.

Lay the hat band on the inside of the bottom curving edge of the hat.   Pin the straight edge of the hat band to the inside straight edge of the hat bottom.  Sew the band in place.  Flip the hat over so that the outside fabric and hatband are on top.  Fold the hatband up so that the V’s are pointing toward the top of the hat on the outside fabric.

Bring the left bottom point of the curve across to touch the right bottom point, half an inch beyond the mark you made from your head measurement.  Make sure the edges are aligned all the way up to the curved point.

Stitch the right-hand edges together, from the base of the hat to the crooked point.  Cut off excess material with pinking sheers.

Affix a bell to the top curved point, and, if you want, add a bell to the top of each V.  Tip:  If the V’s won’t stay up, glue or sew them in place.

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