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on Aug 24th, 2009Duct Tape Hat

Materials Needed

Newspaper, duct tape, your head, some cardboard or heavy paper for a bill


Open up the newspaper so that it’s double layered.

Scrunch and smooth it down on your head.  Duct tape – on the newspaper, not your noggin – all the way around where you want the base of your hat to be.  Tape over your forehead, around your ears, just above the back of your neck, and all the way around the other side to match on your forehead again.

Tape a stripe from the forehead seam over the top of your head to the base of your scull.

Lay two strips of tape going horizontally, one from just in front of your left ear and over to the right, and repeat just behind the ear.

Starting at the very bottom center back, start taping like a bee-hive, making sure each level of tape slightly overlaps the one below it.  Cut the tape when you get to the top.

Take the hat off, and cut off the extra newspaper.

Duct tape a starting row that has about half an inch extra sticking up in the air.  When you’re done with that layer, fold the extra over to the other side.

Continue taping the inside just like you did the top.

Tip: To add a bill, duct tape the front and back side of a heavy piece of paper or cardboard.  Cut out a 6”x 8” piece.  Fold it in half,  but don’t press the crease.  Cut a “j” through both layers of the bottom of paper.  Repeat that on the top.

Run duct tape around the outside of the brim, and fold it over so it’s on both sides of the brim.  Tape the brim to the hat by running short strips first vertically and then horizontally on the top and underneath sides.

Add a John Deer patch to the front, and you’ll even one-up yer buddy’s beer-drinkin’ hat.

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