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on Aug 24th, 2009Chef Hat

Materials Needed

Creating an oversized, droopy chef’s hat for any occasion takes about fifteen minutes, a yard of material, thread, needle, scissors, wide double folded bias tape and a soft measuring tape.

Choose bias tape that matches your material.  Double folded and at least 7/8” wide is a must.  I found 2” folded quilter’s hem facing that worked well and looked great.  The wider the bias tape, the better your hat band will look.


First, cut a circle that is 30” across, approx 90” all the way around.  To do this, lay out material on a flat surface, still inside out as it came from the store.  Fold your material in half with the folds touching.  Find the corner where all folds meet.  Place a soft measuring tape on that corner.  Hold the tape in place by pinching the fabric and tape together at the fabric fold and the 15” mark on the measuring tape. Hold a pen or pencil at the other end of the measuring tape with your other hand.  Keeping the folds and 15” mark of the measuring tape pinched together, swing your hand as you trace a quarter circle, like the shape of an ice cream cone, on the fabric.  Cut through all four layers so that your fabric will unfold into a complete circle.

Second, you need to create the hatband.  Measure around your head, add about an inches.  Cut folded bias tape (straight from the package) the same length.  For adults, this will be about 26”, for kids, this will be about 22”.

Third, gather the hat crown.  Tie a knot in one end of thick thread, and sew a running stitch around the circle, about half an inch in from the edge.  After going around the circle, don’t tie off the thread yet.  Instead, hold the loose end in one hand while you scrape the fabric down the thread.  Collect the extra thread as you go.  Small ruffles will be created as you do this.  Keep gathering the circle’s edge until it is the same circumference of your head and bias tape length.

Fourth, create the hat.  Push the gathered edge of the hat crown all the way between the bias tape folds.  With the material between the bias tape folds, use your machine to sew together the crown and the “hat band.”  Finish the hat by sewing closed the 2” opening of the bias tape.  Cut off the excess bias tape beyond the seam with pinking shears.  This is the back of your hat.
Wear your hat proudly to look like the professional chef you were born to be.

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