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on Aug 24th, 2009Cheese-Head Hat

Materials Needed

14”x 40”x 2” quilting or bed padding foam, glue, thick black permanent marker


Cut the foam into three equal triangles, at least 10” in height each.  Do this by folding the foam in half and marking the very center on the right edge.  Cut from the top left corner to that right center mark.  Repeat from the bottom left corner to the right center mark.  Voila!  Triangles trois!

Glue two triangles together.  Cut an oval, about 7” high and 5” wide, in the center through both layers of foam.

Glue the last triangle on top of the other two.  Add some finishing touches to your cheese head.  Draw black circles on it, and cut out chunks of the edges so that your hat resembles du fromage Swiss.

Tip: Add some string or elastic to your hat [Would that make it string cheese?], so you can get as wild as you want at the game without your cheesehead falling off and spilling the brew of Big Bubba, sitting next to you, who’s likely to then pound your face into, well, Swiss cheese…

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