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on Aug 24th, 2009Beer Drinking Hat

Materials Needed

Two medium-sized empty water bottles with lids, stapler, liquid nail (glue or thread and needle), two one-yard lengths of tubing, two bull clips, a drill (hammer or knife for making holes in the lids), two (clean) tube socks, an old ball cap that’s still brimming with team spirit


Tie the socks together at the open ends, double-knotting.

Glue, sew, and/or staple the socks to the cap with the knot at the top.  You are going to use the sock as pockets, so make sure you don’t tack the top layer of each sock to the hat.  Tip: If you tend to get rowdy at the game, make sure the socks are very secure.

Set the sock-cap aside to dry.

Make a hole – slightly smaller than the diameter of the tubing – in each lid.  String the tubing through the hole until it touches the bottom of one bottle.  Repeat on the other bottle.

Cut a horizontal slit about 4” from the top of each sock.  Insert a water bottle into each sock.

Crack open a cold one, and fill ‘em up!  Replace the lids, and sport your cap.  Use the clips to stop the siphoning effect and to clip the “straws” out of the way.

You’ll definitely be the envy of your bleacher section.

Here’s a video guide with another take on how to make a beer hat:

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