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on Aug 24th, 2009Balloon Hat

Materials Needed

long balloons and pump


Note: Blow up all balloons until they are ¾ of the way full.

Tie two of the balloons together at their mouth pieces.  A little more than a foot down each balloon, gently twist them together until they stay.  This is the hat brim.

Tie a third balloon to the front mouthpieces, and gently form it into a curve.  Run it over where the top of the head will be before twisting it in the back with the other two.

Each of the pieces sticking off the back can be bent and tied into the base where they twist together.  Pretend they are the feathers in your headpiece, and your done.

There’s only one rule to remember when making balloon hats: The bigger and crazier, the better.  Add to the base as many balloons as you’d like.  Keep it somewhat symmetrical for balance and wearability.

Tip:  Try squeezing the air out of a portion of a balloon for a shaved-poodle look.  You can also twist small (fist-sized) sections to look like balls, beads, or fruit.  Have fun!  The sky is your limit, literally.

Idea:  Be a king for a day.  Make yourself a crown and a sword that fits through a loop in your balloon belt.

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